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What is SP Propionate? This is a steroid of high anabolic and androgenic activity, produced by the pharmacological company SP Laboratories. It is based on testosterone ester, extremely popular in sports circles, testosterone propionate, which is notable for its rapid and quite powerful positive effect on the human body. It is used mainly in sports practice, where high-quality muscles and strength are needed. For example, SP Propionate is in high demand in bodybuilding and strength sports. It can, of course, be useful in other areas, in particular in medicine – for substitution therapy, to increase sexual activity and for other reasons. Description of the steroid SP Propionate: During the cycle, testosterone propionate, which is the active ingredient of this anabolic drug, can have multiple positive effects. In sports and in medicine, the following properties are especially valuable: • Promotes a rapid increase in strength, • Burns body fat, • Significantly increases libido and sexual activity, • “SP Propionate 100” contributes to a qualitative improvement in muscles (increase in relief, stiffness and density of muscles ), • Increases muscle mass, • Increases the strength of the body's bone structure, • Reduces the risk of coronary disease and cardiac ischemia. At the same time, the action of SP Propionate (testosterone propionate) lasts, albeit not so long (the activity of the substance is from 24 to 48 hours), but its effects appear almost immediately after application.This, by the way, determines the frequency with which it is necessary to inject the steroid – usually athletes inject it once every two to three days. However, it is important to highlight not only the positive but also the side effects of SP Propionate that may occur during the course. Firstly, testosterone propionate is able to reduce the body's own testosterone production. Secondly, it has, albeit not very strong, but still some kind of aromatization. And, thirdly, the consequences of the high androgenic activity of this anabolic can let you know about yourself: acne, greasy skin and some other deviations. Therefore, in order to minimize the side effects of SP Propionate, athletes should use auxiliary means – Proviron and Clomid / Tamoximed. We also point out that all because of the same high anabolic activity, testosterone is not recommended for use by female athletes. However, its propionate ester, on which the SP Propionate steroid is based, is an exception to the rule – not only men, but also women can use it for sports purposes. The main thing here is not to go beyond the minimum dosages (girls should take 25-50 mg (maximum 100 mg) of testosterone propionate per week). At the end of the description, we note that the storage of SP Propionate is carried out in a dry and dark place at room temperature. There is another equally important condition: hide the anabolic from children and pets, so that if they wish, they could not get to it. How to take SP Propionate while on cycle? This anabolic can be used for various purposes (cutting, improving muscles, increasing strength, etc.).At the same time, it is most often used in combination courses in order to achieve maximum effect and results. So, to obtain relief, hard and rigid muscles, you can combine the use of SP Propionate and the steroid stanozolol. The first is used in a dosage of 100 mg and is administered every two days, the second – 50 mg every two days (for PCT – Tamoxifen 20 mg per day and Proviron 50 mg per day, you can also take Clenbuterol after the course). This combination course will also affect strength, significantly increasing the physical performance of the athlete. Other combinations of testosterone propionate are also popular in sports. For example, athletes often use a course of SP Propionate (100 mg every other day) + trenbolone acetate (about 80 mg every other day) + stanozolol (50 mg per day). This combination will positively affect both the quality of your muscle mass and strength and endurance, plus there will be a significant decrease in body fat and some other positive effects. Note that more detailed information on how SP Propionate is taken in combination with a particular steroid can be found on our Forum. Here you will find out what doses are best to use, which means are preferred for PCT, and other nuances and features. In general, on the course, athletes usually use doses of SP Propionate of 100-200 mg and inject the steroid every two days, or every third day. This frequency of administration is explained by the relatively short period of activity of testosterone propionate – from 24 to 48 hours after injection. Important: this drug has a very convenient concentration of the active substance, 100 mg per 1 ml, which makes it easy to calculate the doses required for the course.So, the dosage of SP Propionate recommended for the course of 100 mg is 1 ml of the drug, the dose of 200 mg is 2 ml, etc. At the same time, the volume of the injection barrel is as much as 10 ml. This amount will be enough for you for at least 10 days. If you have not fully figured out how to take "SP Propionate 100", then again we advise you to visit our Forum. In the topic dedicated to testosterone propionate, you can chat with our consultants (a professional sports doctor, an experienced bodybuilding coach and other qualified specialists) and get answers to any questions about this anabolic, its use and properties. Reviews about SP Propionate and its properties in sports: Before buying, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what athletes say about this anabolic to make sure of its effectiveness and usefulness. You can easily find reviews of SP Propionate by going to the AthleticPharma Forum. Here, athletes interested in various sports disciplines freely communicate with each other and discuss the pharmacological preparations they use. Therefore, in our Forum you will quickly find useful and practical information. By the way, having studied the reviews of Propionate from SP Laboratories, you will find out that this is a fast-acting steroid, endowed with a considerable number of positive properties. After all, it is known that testosterone propionate is able to increase the physical performance of an athlete, improve the quality of muscles (relief, hardness), burn fat, increase the strength of the skeletal structure of the body and increase muscle mass. Yes, even though it does not show its activity for as long as, say, testosterone enanthate, but its effect is felt almost immediately after administration.Also, reviews of SP Propionate suggest that this anabolic goes well with other steroid drugs during the course. For example, for a greater increase in muscle mass, you can combine testosterone propionate and nandrolone, and to get the highest quality muscles and incredible strength, testosterone propionate and stanozolol (these are not all combinations, but just some of the huge list). As for the negative action, here, as the reviews say, “SP Propionate 100” also deserves all praise. Of course, during its use, some deviations may still occur, for example, acne, a decrease in the production of testosterone itself, or hair loss. However, many, if not all, of the possible “side effects” of this steroid can be easily managed with the help of ancillary pharmacological agents. The result of all of the above is simple: SP Laboratories Propionate reviews speak of it as a powerful and useful drug in sports and beyond. If you still doubt this, visit our Forum and get confirmation from a reliable source, from other athletes. Where can I buy SP Propionate for the best price? Athletes who have tried to buy steroids at least once know that drugs in this category are not sold in ordinary stores. That is, you will not be able to buy "SP Propionate 100" or some other anabolic in a pharmacy. In fact, the only place where you can get them is the Internet, namely our reliable online store. Why should you use our services? Everything is extremely simple: we provide reliability, convenience, speed and availability. But first things first.To begin with, let's say that only on our website you can order SP Propionate, without doubting its original quality. The fact is that all pharmacological products come to the store shelves straight from the factories where they were produced, without the participation of resellers or other third parties. This, as you understand, is the most reliable guarantee of the “originality” of drugs. It is also important to note that the price of SP Propionate and other steroid and other steroid products is beneficial primarily for buyers. Sales and promotions are constantly held on the site, plus, we have implemented a flexible system of discounts (the more you order, the more discount you get) – all this allows you to make truly economical purchases. Another significant plus is convenience. Our site is designed in such a way that even a beginner on the Internet can easily figure out how and where to buy SP Propionate or some other drug of interest to him. No extra actions are required to place an order, only the simplest operations (choose, pay), which anyone can handle. If you make a payment, that is, if you buy "SP Propionate 100", then it will be delivered to your nearest post office, and in the shortest possible time. As a result: buying Propionate from SP Laboratories on our website is the right decision. After all, you are profitably, quickly, reliably and conveniently acquiring the most useful sports drug that will help you reach new heights in your favorite business.


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