SP Laboratories Equipoise 200 mg/ml 10 ml



Highly preferred, thanks to its uniqueness. effectiveness. It has characteristics that you will not find in any substance, and its use is so diverse that it cannot fail to impress. Boldenone is a real anabolic combined with weak androgenic and estrogenic effects. Sort of like mild testosterone. In structure, it is no different from testosterone, the main feature is the presence of a double bond in the first position and also in the fourth. This fact, however, gives the drug a good demand. Boldenone, although it has estrogenic activity, is very weak, which is more positive than negative. Aromatization when using boldenone is so insignificant that it cannot lead to real problems, usually at a normal dosage (300-400 mg / week), phenomena such as gynecomastia and excessive fat deposition are excluded. However, some aromatization is desirable, as estrogens directly affect anabolic activity. For this, the combination of boldenone with non-aromatic drugs such as Winstrol or Primobolan will perfectly help maintain lean mass and vascularity. The only thing you need is to try to curb your increased appetite. So it might be a good idea to combine high doses of boldenone with steroids (bulking) like anadrol and testosterone for amazing results. The side effects of boldenone are very minor. At a dosage of 300-400 mg per week, aromatization reactions do not occur even in people susceptible to estrogens.As an undecelenate ester, boldenone needs to be given every week (active for more than 4 weeks). A dosage of 300-400mg per week is quite appropriate as it is non-toxic to the liver and may be suitable for a long course. Boldenone is the best choice for mass gain. Due to the vascularity effect, it is mainly used on lean mass, but if you are using appetite-enhancing steroids such as boldenone, then you are unlikely to lose weight. Inspired by the possibility of using boldenone in combination with testosterone enanthate or cypionate for a better effect, unlike nandrolone. Kind of like a base. Less aromatizing than nandrolone, also not having an annoying progestogenic effect, besides it incredibly increases appetite, which affects a significant weight gain by the end of the cycle. 300-400 mg/week Boldenone + 500mg Sustanon or 500mg Testosterone Enanthate can create an unimaginable combination. Even for those who prefer Deca, adding small doses of boldenone will push your appetite far. And boldenone is stronger than Deca, but with less pronounced suppression of the endocrine glands. The appearance of boldenone made nandrolone and methenolone weak rivals, despite their similar action. The beauty of boldenone is that it is a great alternative to nandrolone due to its high anabolic activity and ability to build lean mass. It is also an alternative for methenolone, which has a weak aromatizing effect, but is stronger in action, unlike methenolone (Primobol).


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