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Letrozole is one of the most effective non-steroidal aromase inhibitors available today. The action of this drug is based on the blocking of aromase enzymes. In bodybuilding, letrozole is one of the most indispensable products that are widely used. The main scheme for using the drug involves taking it as an additional element in the course of steroids, allowing you to reduce the level of estrogen, as well as testosterone, with a slight increase. Not surprisingly, letrozole is well known among bodybuilders. Letrozole reduces the concentration of estrogen up to 97%, confirming its high efficiency. When taking the recommended doses, the concentration can be reduced to 76-79%. It is noteworthy that low estrogen levels reduce the side effects on the course, and this issue is very important for athletes. The use of letrozole also increases the production of a number of testosterone-boosting hormones. The main effects of taking letrozole: the elimination of side effects in the form of gynecomastia at the beginning of the course, the prevention or significant reduction of estrogen-dependent negative phenomena, such as the appearance of acne or flooding, the preservation of muscle tissue from catabolic processes. It is noteworthy that taking letrozole is also advisable if the course includes androgens and anabolic steroids. Letrozole is taken at a dosage of 1-3 mg per day at any time of the day. According to studies, even 100 mcg effectively inhibits aromase enzymes, but an excess of the dosage causes negative phenomena, such as a decrease in sexual desire.For each athlete, the dosage of letrozole is selected depending on the age and experience, as well as the duration of the drugs. It is also worth noting that taking any drugs of this type must be accompanied by a preliminary consultation with a doctor. In the event that letrozole is taken for a long time, then it can be consumed not every day, but every other day. Among the main side effects it should be noted: joint pain, increased weakness and lethargy, as well as fever, high blood pressure and dizziness, hair loss. Separately, it should be noted that the occurrence of side effects is directly related to an overdose of the drug, so it is important to follow the recommendations of a specialist when taking. This is especially true for those athletes who have intolerance to any drugs or problems with the liver. If side effects occur, the drug can be replaced with another one. Characteristics Active ingredient Letrozolum Amount of active ingredient 2.5mg Number of tablets 25 tab. Manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd


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