Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Anastrozole 1mg 25 tab




Anastrozole Anastrozole belongs to aromatase blockers (inhibitors) and is usually included in PCT after a course of steroids to restore testosterone levels and hormonal levels. Sometimes used during the course and in the treatment of gynecomastia in men. Let's highlight the main goals that Zhengzhou anastrozole allows to achieve:

  • Increasing the level of anabolic hormones
  • Prevention and prevention of gynecomastia
  • Improving the relief of muscles
  • Decreased estrogen suppression and rapid hormonal recovery
  • Prevention of high blood pressure

It is important to know and understand that the use of anastrozole takes place if you use testosterone esters and its derivatives, because. they are prone to aromatization. Boldenone and halotetsin also slightly aromatize. In terms of effectiveness and availability, anastrozole is the best (affordable price and high quality). Description, course anastrozole zhengzhou: Anastrozole Anastrozole Zhengzhou is available in tablets, 50 pieces per pack. It is recommended to take half a tablet every other day, so there will be 3 doses per week. This is as a preventive measure, in the event of the occurrence and treatment of diseases, the dosage is increased and it is 1 tablet every day. This course is recommended to be performed until the symptoms disappear, then the dosage should be reduced to prophylactic. It is important to understand that a certain concentration of estrogen should be beneficial for muscle growth. Taking anastrozole Zhengzhou allows you to reduce the level to the norm and optimal indicators of physiology – that is, to bring it to a natural level.The practice of using anastrozole in bodybuilding tells us that athletes start taking it already at the onset of "side effects". A more competent option would be to start taking the drug 10-25 days after the start of the course of steroids. It all depends on the time of action – for fast (testosterone propionate) it is after 10 days, for long it is 25 days (for example, testosterone enanthate). Dosages while taking steroids are recommended prophylactic – this is half a tablet of 0.5 mg every other day. A week later, an analysis of the estrogen content should be performed and the dosage adjusted if necessary. Note that in our store of steroids and sports pharmacology you can buy anastrozole at an affordable price, cheaper than in a pharmacy.


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