Spectrum Pharma TESTO MIX 250 mg/ml 10 ml



Testo Mix is ​​one of the few highly effective steroids produced by Spectrum-Pharm. Release form dough mix – injection – 10ml 250mg. The active components of the drug allow you to quickly build muscle mass and at the same time avoid the rollback effect.
Many athletes choose the drug because of the low frequency of injections. The fact is that the testosterone esters that make up the drug have a different length of the side chain, which ensures the gradual elimination of the hormone into the blood. This allows the athlete to avoid the formation of bumps at the injection sites, or side effects such as swelling, rashes, etc.
In some cases, the drug is used in medical practice. In this case, the patient is allowed to administer a certain dose of the drug no more than 1 time in three weeks. On doping control, the intake of the drug is monitored even three months after the completion of the course.

The effect of taking testosterone mix
When taken correctly, an athlete can achieve the following effects associated with the use of the Test Mix, namely:

• Increased appetite,
• Accelerating the growth of muscle mass (in 1 month it is possible to gain up to 6 kg of pure muscles),
• Stimulation of natural processes of production of erythrocytes. The drug helps to increase the supply of oxygen to muscle fibers, which also increases the effectiveness of training,
• The active components of the drug prevent catabolic processes,
• During the test mix course, there is an increase in sexual desire, which noticeably decreases after the completion of the course,
• The drug stimulates phosphorus metabolism and has a positive effect on nitrogen balance.

Recommendations for taking testosterone mix

Taking this course is strictly contraindicated for persons under the age of majority or persons with certain contraindications. To maintain a stable level of hormonal levels, it is necessary to administer the drug once a week. The dose in this case can vary from 250 to 500 mg.
The drug is recommended to be injected into the buttocks. From the second week of the course, it is recommended to include an aromatase inhibitor in the course. If there is a need to increase the recommended doses, then the athlete is recommended to keep the level of estrogen in the blood under constant control.
To save the results and maintain the body, PCT must be started 21 hours after the completion of the course. Experts recommend using Tamoxifen and testosterone boosters. Thus, during the PCT, the athlete not only restores the natural production of testosterone, but also other body functions.
Beginning athletes can safely choose a solo dough mix in combination with specialized sports nutrition for muscle growth.
You can also take Testo Mix (Spectrum) 10ml 250mg with other drugs, but not with all. Experts recommend combining Spectrum testosterone mix with Winstrol to give relief to muscle mass, and to gain muscle with Nandrolone. It is very important to choose the right course, in this case, it is possible to minimize side effects and increase the effectiveness of the course.

Testosterone Spectrum Mix Reviews

Experienced athletes report that taking the steroid is very convenient.Judging by the reviews on the network, Testo Mix is ​​one of the most effective steroid drugs for gaining quality muscles, while the rollback phenomenon is minimized. Some athletes note that the drug is not able to fight body fat.
Many who took Testo Mix (Spectrum) note the effectiveness of combining the drug with Winstrol and Nandrolone.


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