Special Force Pharm LAXAROL 50 mg 30 caps




Pack of 30 capsules 50 mg
Course – 4 -12 weeks
Recommended dosage :
For men : 1-2 capsules
For woman 1 capsule
During the day, it is worth taking in equal parts, at regular intervals.

Laxogenin – helps to increase muscle protein synthesis by 200%, accelerate metabolism and increase muscle mass in 2-3 weeks! However, the most important fact for many athletes is that the additive is not detected in any way when tested for the content of stimulants and other types of sports doping, which will allow you to show a much better result in those sports where strict doping tests limit your potential.

Toxicity to the liver – moderate / weak
Method of administration – inside (in capsules)
Half-life – 24 hours

Effects of Lexorol

-Increase in muscle mass (if you follow a diet to gain m. mass)
-Increase in strength (with power loads)
-Increased endurance (with aerobic and anaerobic loads)
-Increases protein synthesis
-Increases nitrogen retention
-Suppresses cortisol
-Does not show up in tests

Laxogenin has also found its way into inter-cycle and PCT use of muscle-building drugs, as it also releases a very strong anti-catabolic effect.

Contraindications: liver disease, pregnancy

You also need to take into account:

For maximum effectiveness, take a sports nutrition complex and follow a diet in accordance with your goal.


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