Special Force Pharm LIGANDROL 10 mg 30 caps




Pack of 30 capsules 10 mg
Course – 4 – 8 weeks
Recommended dosage :
For men : 1-2 capsules
For woman 1 capsule
During the day, it is worth taking in equal parts, at regular intervals.

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) bind to androgen receptors and exhibit osteo- (bone) and myo- (muscle) anabolic activity.
Androgen receptor binding and activation alters gene expression and increases protein synthesis, hence serving muscle building purposes.
Thus, SARMs such as Ligandrol help the muscle growth process in much the same way as steroids, but unlike testosterone and other anabolic steroids and prohormones, SARMs (as non-steroidal drugs) do not produce the effect of prostate and other growth. secondary sex organs.
LGD-4033 is highly selective (Ki~1nM) and approximately 4 times more potent anabolic than ostarine.

Aromatization (conversion to estrogen) – no
Toxicity to the liver – moderate / weak
Method of administration – inside (in capsules)
Elimination half-life – 24 – 36 hours

Effects of Ligandrol :

– Increasing the relief and hardness of the muscles
-Increase in muscle mass (if you follow a diet to gain m. mass)
– Burning fat (when following a diet for weight loss)
-Increase in strength (with power loads)
-Increased endurance (with aerobic and anaerobic loads)
– Restoration of muscle and bone tissue

Ligandrol has found its place when used between cycles of muscle building drugs, as it also releases a very strong anti-catabolic effect.

Contraindications: liver disease, pregnancy

For maximum effectiveness, take a sports nutrition complex and follow a diet in accordance with your goal.


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