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Trenbolone Mix 150 is a modern composite steroid, which is a powerful mixture of three trenbolone esters with different durations of action. The action of the drug is aimed at maximizing the increase in muscle mass and strength indicators, as well as burning the fat layer with a sports diet.

Trenbolone Mix 150 is an original product of JV Laboratories, the keg is provided with an anti-counterfeit protection system. Originality is checked using the UPIK code, which must be entered on the official website (at this address – http://upic.sp-laboratories.com/). By following these instructions, you will receive confirmation of the original production of the steroid:

The composition of this steroid preparation includes 3 esterified forms of trenbolone in equal proportions. Namely, 50 mg of trenbolone acetate, trenbolone enanthate and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. The steroid trenbolone itself is not new to the sports market. It was created back in the 1960s for veterinary purposes to increase the appetite and muscle mass of animals. Subsequently, its effect was highly appreciated by bodybuilders and security officials. It has become one of the strongest known anabolics and androgens.

The essential blend first launched in 2004, and the effect of Trenbolone Mix 150 is still amazing, to say the least. The activity of this drug is 5 times higher than the anabolic activity of testosterone, and 4 times – androgenic. This means that the mixture gives the maximum increase in strength and mass.Given the growing popularity, many analogues quickly entered the market, fakes often come across, therefore, in order to buy a proven drug, we advise you to choose our online store.

Obeying the general rule that the stronger the steroid, the more powerful the side effects, Moldavian Trenbolone Mix 150 from SP Laboratories can lead to acne, baldness, increased nervous excitability in the athlete. Aromatization does not occur, but due to the high progestin activity, there is still a risk of gynecomastia.

Trenbolone Mix 150 is not sold in the pharmacy, and the instructions are drawn up solely for the use of the drug for veterinary purposes. Information about the maximum allowable and recommended dosages is gleaned bit by bit from rare sports experts, but more often athletes check everything empirically. So, many athletes write on the Forum that the dosage of this composite anabolic in injections of 300-400 mg per week gives a good effect and is relatively safe with a properly constructed course. It should be remembered that the drug is not for beginners, but a serious tool for professionals.

The price of injections of Trenbolone Mix 150 is not low, but the effect of the drug is so amazing that it pays for everything in full. From the first days of the course, power and muscles are rapidly growing, the percentage of fat and cortisol levels are decreasing. On the course, a strong increase in libido is possible, however, the drug strongly suppresses the production of its own testosterone, so take it correctly with means that increase the level of the hormone (on the course – mesterolone and gonadotropin, during post-course therapy – be sure to clomiphene citrate, or tamoxifen).

How to take Trenbolone Mix 150?
It is immediately necessary to stipulate that it is categorically not recommended to take the drug for women, since it has a very powerful activity. For the fairer sex, it is better to choose lighter drugs with reduced androgenicity.

For male athletes, the course of Trenbolone Mix 150 is recommended at dosages of 300-400 mg per week for 6-8 weeks. Injections are placed at the discretion of the athlete 2-3 times a week. It is also possible to recommend the option of administering the drug every other day in order to exclude the “steroid pit”. Reception usually gives an effect almost immediately after the injection – this includes the shortest ester, acetate. It remains active for 1-3 days, and at this time the remaining two esters of trenbolone are accelerated. Thus, the concentration of the steroid in the blood remains high for another one and a half weeks.

On doping tests, the use of Trenbolone Mix 150 is detected within 5-6 months after the course. On the course, it is imperative to put gonadotropin and proviron to reduce side effects. Tamoxifen is not recommended as it also has progestin activity.

The Trenbolone Mix 150 course (SP Laboratories) is powerful on its own, but those who are not enough can combine it with other drugs for even more effect. This should be done only by the most experienced athletes who are well aware of the action of the steroid and the capabilities of their body. The most common combinations of trenbolone with testosterone, stanozolol, methane (methandienone) and other anabolic steroids.

The course of Trenbolone Mix 150 necessarily requires post-cycle therapy with a testosterone booster.Such a drug will help in restoring the natural production of the hormone and consolidate the result. For maximum effectiveness, the intake of a mixture of trenbolone esters must be combined with sports nutrition and intense training. Rollback from trenbolones is usually minimal.

Trenbolone Mix 150: drug reviews
Although the drug is quite new, it has proved so interesting to professional athletes and effective enough that it immediately received their widespread approval. Numerous statements about the mixture can be easily found on any athlete forum, and the Forum of our online store is a prime example of this. Athletes are very satisfied with the speed and effectiveness of the drug. Qualitative mass is rapidly growing, and strength is growing even more rapidly. As time goes by, the improvements will only get better.


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