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Why do we need antiestrogen? Such substances are the best companions of bodybuilders, which are used for the best results, anabolic-androgenic steroids. The fact is that while taking steroids, the human body ceases to secrete its testosterone on its own. This arises because there is no need for this, because it begins to come from outside, and even in significant quantities, because the body does not consider it necessary to waste resources once again. As a result, all the activity of a necessary important arc begins to intensively descend, it will go downward, plunging into a real hole, and the longer this course lasts, the more intensively this arc will fade. The degree of neglect of this arc depends on the state and balance of important hormones for the body. And if at least one of them the level is higher than the others, then the arc will sink deeper and deeper into sleep. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor and constantly monitor the indicators of such hormones during the course. You will need to do tests, have inhibitors near you all the time. It should be understood that the more the arc “falls asleep”, the longer and harder it will need to be awakened. To do this, you will need to spend a lot of effort and effort so that independent production is finally restored. The sooner you reach the desired level of your hormone, the better your appearance and body condition will be after the course, and at the same time, strength and muscles will no longer be lost. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to such moments and devote maximum time to this. Antiestrogens are also needed, because they are necessary for athletes, heavyweight athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding. Antiestrogens are drugs such as clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen, and tormifene.We will not touch on the last two, and it is generally recommended to remove the second from the list, since it is considered the dirtiest. And if you take tamoxifen, then you can get more harm than good, and therefore it is better to postpone it altogether and take other more effective and harmless drugs. For all those involved in sports, Clomid is recommended, of course, it may seem expensive to some, however, despite this, it is harmless and effective in comparison with other drugs. Features of Clomid: In order for the body to restore and restart the independent production of the hormone, many athletes drink various dietary supplements after a course of therapy. Usually these are various herbs and tribulus, as well as other similar ones. And this is fundamentally wrong, because after such a course of AAS, the body extremely quickly needs to restore and replenish the necessary hormones, and the level of the necessary hormone will depend on their quantity. Clomid can directly affect LH and FSH indicators, in addition, it connects to receptors. Therefore, after a blood test, you can see that there is a lot of estrogen in the blood, but most of it is simply inactive. Immediately at the beginning of taking this drug, the FSH and LH levels soar up to high levels, and the testosterone level improves with it. Almost already in the first weeks of taking, you can get the required testosterone, and the levels of FSH and LH after the drug is discontinued return to their previous levels. Everything is individual regarding the number of weeks, someone can recover in a couple of weeks, and someone will need to spend a couple of months on it. How to take clomiphene: The dosage of the drug is determined depending on the condition and degree of completion of the course.And depending on how many drugs were used during the course, and the stronger they were, and their power was, the more time it would take to recover accordingly. And this means that it will take more time and the drug itself for the body to recover again. Therefore, the reception can be divided into different courses, each of them has its own dosage. The easiest course – involves taking the drug for 15 days, 50 mg of Clomid, and after another 15 days, 25 mg each. A very severe course requires 3 days of 150 mg of Clomid, then switch to a course of 12 days of 100 mg of Clomid, after 15 days of 50 mg and the next 15 days of 25 mg of the drug. Also, in a particular case, an average course is prescribed, light and heavy, which have their own dosage and duration of administration. Reviews about Clomid: There have been no negative reviews about Clomid up to this point. And this is natural, because there are simply no side effects of this drug. So far there have been no negative side effects. Clomiphene citrate is useful and will become a real helper for athletes, athletes who need to recover from taking strong steroids and at the same time suffer minimal losses. Thus, taking Clomid allows you to restore the independent production of testosterone, but you should take into account the intensity of the course of taking steroids in order to get the desired result as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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