Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Mesterolone 50mg 25 tab




Description of Proviron Class: synthetic androgen Dosage form: oral tablets Duration of action: up to 24 hours Effect on the liver: low Active substance: Mesterolone MESTEROLONE 50mg 50tab Proviron is a hormonal drug used by bodybuilding athletes to suppress estrogenic activity during the course use of anabolic steroids. It is also used in post cycle therapy to restore natural hormonal levels. Pharmacological action: For medical purposes, Proviron MESTEROLONE is used to treat male menopause and restore erectile function. In the bodybuilding world, Proviron is used to reduce estrogenic side effects during the period of use of anabolic steroids with a high degree of aromatization. Proviron prevents water retention in tissues, the development of gynecomastia and fat deposition. The active substance of Proviron blocks globulin and albumin, enzymes that bind testosterone in the body. Thus, there is more free testosterone in the bloodstream. This affects sexual activity, and also speeds up some anabolic processes – for example, protein synthesis. Proviron is often taken before competitions – the use of this drug gives the muscles volume, rigidity and relief – the muscle mass becomes drier and of better quality. Athletes also use Proviron during courses of anabolics with a low androgenic effect (for example, Nandrolone or Trenbolone). These anabolics have such a side effect as the suppression of the natural activity of testosterone, and Proviron restores hormonal balance.Application and dosage: The optimal daily amount of Proviron for men is 50 mg. This dose is divided into two doses – the drug is used after meals, without chewing and drinking water. Proviron is usually taken from the second week after the start of anabolic cycles of Nandrolone, Trenbolone and other steroids with high aromatization and low androgenic effect. For women who use Proviron to give muscle relief and density, a dose of 25 mg is recommended.


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