Zhengzhou Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/ml 1 ml



Description "ZPHC TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 1ml/100mg" Drug class: anabolic steroid Form of release: ampoules with injection solution Duration of effect: 48 hours or more Time present in the body: no more than 4 weeks Anabolic effect: 100% Androgenic effect: 100% liver function: absent Effects on the hypothalamic-gonadal system: present ZPHC TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 1ml/100mg (Testosterone propionate) is an anabolic type drug that is relevant and in demand in bodybuilding and other power sports. Pharmacological action ZPHC TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 1ml/100mg (Testosterone propionate) is a steroid for muscle growth, which, due to its characteristics, is used by athletes during the drying period and for the formation of muscle relief. Structurally, Testosterone Propionate is an ester form of testosterone with an additional propionic acid molecule. Thanks to its formula, Testosterone Propionate provokes the effect of hyperplasia in muscle tissue – an increase in the number of cells. ZPHC TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 1ml/100mg (Testosterone Propionate) helps athletes recover quickly after significant physical exertion – this is achieved by increasing the synthesis in the body of creatine phosphate – a compound that affects the energy supply of cells. PROPIONAT FORTE 10ml 100mg (Propionate)ionate increases strength and reduces the risk of heart disease. PROPIONAT FORTE 10ml 100mg (Propionate)t almost does not retain water in the body, which allows you to save the muscle weight gained during the course and makes it “dry” and of high quality.


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