Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Stanozolol Suspension 50 mg/ml 1 ml



Stanozolol Suspension (stanozolol) Zhengzhou Stanozolol is a strong steroid drug with high anabolic activity and moderate androgenic activity. The action of liquid injectable stanozolol leads to increased protein synthesis. Simultaneously with the increase in synthesis, metabolic processes in muscle tissues and cells are enhanced and accelerated, the intensity increases. The drug Stanozolol Suspension is actively used during the competition, as well as for gaining muscle mass and drying during the preparation period. That is, Stanozolol from Zhengzhou is quite versatile in use. It is important to note the main benefits and action of Stanozolol Suspension from Zhengzhou:

  • The growth of power indicators
  • Stamina increase
  • Removal of excess fluid
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Decreased percentage of subcutaneous fat
  • High anabolic activity
  • Moderate androgenic effect

In addition to the specified properties of stanozolol from Zhengzhou, it has a qualitative improvement in muscle mass – this is a drawing and relief of the body. Stanozolol Zhengzhou reviews, Stanozolol ZPHC course The action of the drug does not cause aromatization and fluid retention. Thus, we can say that everything that is said about Stanozolol Zhengzhou reviews is only positive. Features of the drug are very fond of athletes with the versatility of use. This steroid can be used both solo and in combination with steroids. At the beginning of the course of taking stanozolol injectable, we recommend starting with small doses of about 10 mg per day. Then you should increase the dosage, up to 50 mg and 2 injections per week. The maximum is Stanozolol Suspension – 50 mg of the steroid every day. These are general recommendations that should be adjusted when taking; in general, Stanozolol from Zhengzhou is a very high-quality drug. The duration of the course of steroids should be no more than 9 weeks, we recommend optimally 6-8 weeks. The action of the active substance lasts up to 3 weeks, which makes it possible to use it immediately before the competition.


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