Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Mix of 3 Trenbolones 200 mg/ml 1 ml



Mix of 3 Trenbolones (Mix of Trenbolones) 1 ml of 200 mg Description of the drug Mix of 3 Trenbolones (Mix of Trenbolones) 10 ml of 200 mg Mix of 3 Trenbolones (Mix of Trenbolones) can rightly be called the strongest drug of all steroids. It is a modern composite substance. It successfully combines in its structure three Trenbolone esters, different in duration of action (acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate). It follows that in one injection the positive effect of all three types of esters is combined. A "killer" combination that allows you to maximize muscle mass, strength, endurance, and, if you follow a sports diet, it helps to burn fat. Also, Mix of 3 Trenbolones evenly distributes activity, increases IGF levels, reduces cortisol levels, increases libido (during the cycle), blocks aromatase, and has low hepatoxicity. The course and dosage of the Mix of Trenbolones Before starting the course – consult with an experienced specialist. The dosage is calculated individually, taking into account the tolerability of a complex drug. For novice athletes, usually the initial dosage is 300 mg of the drug for a week, with a subsequent increase (after 2 weeks) to 450 mg. Recommended, exclusively, a solo course, because the power of the Trenbolone Mix allows you to "work alone." Athletes with "experience" are suitable for a semi-combination course, in which 600 mg of Mix and 150-200 mg of any other (background) drug, such as Testosterone Enanthate, per week, or light oral steroids, such as Oxandrolone. The minimum course is 1.5 months, but should not exceed 2.5 months.Side effects when taking Mix of 3 Trenbolones Compliance with strict instructions for taking – rarely leads to side effects. The use of excessive dosages of the drug can lead to insomnia, high blood pressure, nervous overexcitation, acne, hair loss. The progestin background can respond with the manifestation of hykenomastia, a decrease in one's own testosterone, and excessive body fat. Trenbolone Mix Reviews Professional athletes have recognized the Trenbolone Mix as the strongest anabolic and androgenic steroid among known drugs. Taking Mix causes an increase in appetite and weight gain. During the drying period, professionals recommend supplementing the course with Stanozolol at a minimum dosage. Also, in order to avoid side effects, it is necessary to use testosterone-stabilizing drugs. To prevent a "steroid pit" – you need at least two injections of the drug per week. On our site you can buy a guaranteed quality product Mix of 3 Trenbolones (Mix of Trenbolones), at an affordable price in Kyiv, with just one click. We carry out delivery to all regions of Ukraine.


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