Spectrum Pharma Testo C 250 mg/ml 10 ml



Testo C is a drug whose action is similar to testosterone enanthate. The only difference is that cypionate, compared to enanthate, has a much faster effect on the body, but it can lead to a slight accumulation of water. But both cypionate and enanthate support elevated testosterone levels for two weeks.

The effect of taking Testo C Spectrum

Like any injectable form of testosterone, the drug stimulates muscle growth and increases physical performance. However, due to the fact that testosterone aromatizes quickly enough, an athlete may notice a slight accumulation of fluid. Therefore, experienced athletes do not use Dough C for "drying" or in preparation for the competition.

Recommendations for taking Testo S Spectrum

Considering that testosterone can cause gynecomastia, an athlete should pay special attention to the appearance of a special sensitivity of the nipples or an increase in breast volume. In this situation, it is necessary to immediately supplement the course with Nolvadex or Proviron. This is how you can minimize the manifestation of all kinds of side effects.
Due to the fact that testosterone belongs to the category of primary male androgens, it is quite worth expecting the manifestation of androgenic side effects. The fact is that this hormone can be converted into dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the manifestation of such side effects as baldness, excessive hair growth, acne, and the appearance of oily sheen on the skin. In this regard, the use of testosterone esters is not recommended for athletes with a tendency to hair loss. Proscar allows blocking the conversion to dihydrotestosterone.
The drug is active for 14 days.Experts recommend taking the drug no more than twice a week. Using the drug no more than 800-1000 mg per week, the athlete may notice a significant increase in muscle mass, which occurs due to fluid accumulation. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to increase the dosage on your own.
It is also worth remembering that the use of such drugs quickly reduces the natural processes of testosterone production. To quickly restore the body's ability to produce testosterone, experts recommend taking clomidomnolvadex or gonadotropin as a PCT. Timely post-cycle therapy and taking Testo S Spectrum according to the recommended dosage will allow you to maintain the result even after the completion of the drug.

Reviews about taking Testo S Spectrum

On the net, you can find many complaints that the result after the course simply "melts" before our eyes. Experienced athletes still choose the drug, but they argue that the exit from the course must be built correctly. This is the only way to minimize losses. The rest of the athletes prefer to replace the drug with nandrolone ether due to moderate androgenic and anabolic effects.


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