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Today we will talk about a steroid that is mild in terms of impact on the body of an athlete – an anabolic with a minimal androgenic index. The main active ingredient of Primobol is methenolone enanthate. In terms of performance, the agent can be safely compared with the well-known steroids Boldenone and Oxandrolone. The price of all 3 drugs is quite high, they are almost harmless to health and are not able to provide solid muscle building. But those athletes who decide to buy Primobol SP Laboratories in Ukraine are aware of its other advantages and pursue other goals. Available in the form of injections, but there are also tablets.

Methenolone, better known as Primobolan, is chemically a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. In terms of impact on the body of an athlete, it is somewhat inferior to testosterone. Endowed with an anabolic index of 88% and androgenic – at the level of 44% of testosterone. After an injection, it tends to concentrate in fat depots, then gradually enter the blood structure. It has a long period of intense effect on the body – up to 14 days from the moment of administration (unlike tablets that work no more than 6 hours). When taking the course, you should not be afraid of the conversion of the drug into estrogens and the appearance of side effects. Also, the steroid has little effect on the functioning of the liver. In the process of laboratory studies, it can be detected in the blood for another 6 months after the end of the intake.

Effects of taking Primobolana

Many athletes decide to order Primobol SP Labs in Ukraine through a good online store, because they want to get specific effects from taking Prima.

They consist in a small increase in muscle mass – about 0.5 kg per day, the burning of existing fat – up to 0.3 kg per week, an improvement in metabolic processes occurring in the body by 25%. You should also expect an increase in the indicator of physical strength – by 14% or more per course, an increase in the degree of endurance up to as much as 30%. Athletes who “switch” with a steroid note an increase in the rate of amino acid synthesis. At the end of the course, a representative of any sports discipline becomes the owner of a beautiful and healthy relief. Primobolan helps not only to prevent damage and destruction of the muscles, to make them dry, hard and dense, but also significantly reduces the time required for the athlete to recover from grueling training. Also, the steroid is highly valued for the minimal rollback phenomenon.

Solo and combination course

The average recommended dosage of the drug is 400 mg (for the oral form – about 50-100 mg per day). Pros individually and after consultation with a doctor increase the dosage to 600, and sometimes up to 800 mg per week. If the average course of a steroid lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, then the security forces often conduct a course lasting up to 10 weeks. PCT after a course of Primabolan should be started 3 weeks after the final steroid injection (for tablets – after a couple of days).

If the goal of an athlete is the ideal drying of the physique, he can combine Primobol with Winstrol. To enhance the effectiveness of a set of high-quality muscles, the agent is usually used in conjunction with Sustanon, Oxymetholone, Methandrostenolone, as well as Nandrolone and various types of testosterone. Experts advise to conduct a course consisting of no more than 2 drugs. Although the pros often add not 1, but 2 agents to the base steroid.To get a pronounced synergistic effect, all steroids will need to be used at half the recommended dosages. Mixed courses are not recommended for women, so as not to face a number of side effects.

Side effects

Since the steroid tends to reduce the production of its own testosterone by the body, it is best to deal with this phenomenon by taking a parallel course of gonadotropin, and after its completion – special testosterone boosters Tribulus. Athletes should not be afraid of the appearance of edema and gynecomastia – both forms of the steroid are not endowed with estrogenic effects. In the instructions for the drug, the manufacturer warns about the possible occurrence of such side effects as insomnia, liver damage, unmotivated outbursts of aggression, increased nervousness, but mainly in case of prolonged use or overdose.


On sites most often you can find positive reviews about the steroid. Occasionally, beginners write negative, but these comments relate to the exceptionally high cost of pills or pain at the injection site due to lack of practical experience. Pros are always satisfied with the excellent fat-burning effects, increased vascularity, improved relief, increased power and endurance, the ability to quickly restore strength and energy spent during intensive training in the gym.


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