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SP Cypionate is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid drug produced by the pharmacological company SP Laboratories (Moldova). Its active ingredient is testosterone cypionate ester (an oil-dissolved steroid with properties similar to enanthate ester), which provides a long and even effect, lasting an average of about half a month.

Cypionate from SP Laboratories is used primarily in sports, bodybuilding, weightlifting and other popular disciplines. Athletes use it to quickly and significantly gain muscle mass, as well as to increase strength indicators. Among the effects of this anabolic and androgen, there are other beneficial effects, such as increased appetite, strengthening bones and improving joint function.

This is an original product of the SP company. It is easy to check the originality of the drug on the company's website. Verification is carried out using the protective UPIK code located on the keg of the steroid. After purchasing it, enter unique characters at http://upic.sp-laboratories.com/ to get confirmation:

Properties and action of SP Cypionate

The predecessors of the described drug, created on the same active substance, appeared on the Western pharmacology market in the middle of the 20th century (the first such steroid was released in the 50s by Pharmacia & Upjohn). Initially, they were not very popular, since athletes saw in cypionate only an enanthate substitute with similar properties. However, over time, the demand for them grew.And today, cypionate is one of the most common testosterone esters, and drugs based on it are used by athletes around the world. They are especially popular in the West.

If we forget about history and return to the topic, then Cypionate SP Laboratories is, first of all, a powerful anabolic and androgen (its anabolic and androgenic power, by the way, fully correspond to those of endogenous testosterone). At the same time, it boasts a long and uniform effect, lasting an average of fifteen to sixteen days (half-life is about six to eight days). This property saves the athlete from having to perform frequent injections. In most cases, cypionate injections are given once a week.

It is also known that SP Cypionate, like other testosterone steroid esters, has multiple and varied effects that can be useful not only for athletes within sports practice, but also in everyday life:

• It provides rapid growth of muscle mass,

• Significantly increases the strength of the athlete,

• Increases appetite without a false sense of hunger,

• Improves the functions of the joints (achievable due to the accumulation of water),

• Strengthens bones and the skeleton in general,

• Improves overall vitality and enhances the desire to exercise.

Important: Despite the powerful and varied beneficial effects, SP Cypionate 200 may have certain side effects that should not be forgotten. In particular, as an aromatizing steroid, it can lead to the manifestation of estrogenic "side effects", among which are such deviations as the accumulation of fluids in the body, gynecomastia and an increase in body fat.

In addition, SP Cypionate is a strong androgen, which means that androgenic side effects may occur on the course, such as acne, excessive body and facial hair, greasy skin, male pattern baldness, etc. To minimize the possible negative effect of the described drug, athletes commonly used antiestrogenic agents – Proviron, Tamoxifen or Clomiphene.

Note that SP Cypionate, manufactured by SP Laboratories, should not be used by women. More precisely, it is not recommended for the fairer sex. All again because of the strong androgenic activity. The fact is that girls, using this steroid for sports purposes, may encounter masculinization, expressed in such deviations as body and facial hair, acne, coarsening of the voice, etc. (masculinization is the accumulation of male sex traits by women).

It is also important to say that the storage of such an injection in a barrel should be carried out in a dark (protected from light) and dry (inaccessible to moisture) place within room temperature. Plus, it needs to be securely hidden from pets and young children for their own safety.

Required doses and course of SP Cypionate

In most cases, athletes use the described steroid drug in courses aimed at gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. There are other benefits from its use, in particular, a noticeable increase in appetite and strengthening of the joints. Note that the intake of such a drug most often takes place in combinations with other steroids, from turinabol to boldenone (this is done to increase the final efficiency and effectiveness of the course).

SP Cypionate dosages recommended for athletes are 250-500mg (possibly 750mg) of the steroid per week. It is usually injected once every seven days, and all because cypionate has a fairly long period of activity – about 15-16 days from the moment of administration. The average duration of courses involving this anabolic and androgen varies from 4 to 12 full weeks. In general, such volumes, frequency and duration of administration are sufficient to manifest the desired spectrum of testosterone effects.

It is important to say: the doses of the drug required for injection are easily calculated, because it has a rather convenient concentration of the active substance, which allows avoiding dosing errors – 200 mg per 1 ml. So, for the introduction of the recommended dosage of 500 mg, you will need exactly 2.5 ml of the drug, for a dose of 250 mg – 1.25 ml, and so on. The figures are more or less even, so it is almost impossible to get confused and make a mistake here.

As already noted, the course of SP Cypionate most often takes place along with the intake of other steroid drugs. What anabolics and androgens should it be combined with? Depends on your goal, experience and financial capabilities.

For example, if you want to achieve a greater increase in muscle mass, then the use of SP Cypionate can be combined with methandienone. The following dosages should be used: methandienone – about 40 mg per day, the described drug – about 400 mg per week. Some adjuncts may also be needed here, in particular Proviron (25-50 mg per day) and Tamoxifen (for PCT, 30 mg per day for 3 weeks). The duration of the course, by the way, is 8 full weeks.

If you want to achieve an increase in better-quality muscles combined with strength, then in such cases a course of using this drug + turinabol + stanozolol steroid may be suitable. The doses here are quite usual: the described drug is about 400 mg per week, turinabol is about 40-60 mg per day, stanozolol is on PCT at a dosage of about 50 mg per day. Tamoxifen and Clenbuterol may also be useful for post cycle therapy.

In general, to learn more about how to take and what the SP Cypionate injection instructions say, it is best to visit the Forum of our store. Here, by going to the topic dedicated to cypionate, you can talk with AthleticPharma consultants (masters of sports, trainers, sports doctors) and get detailed advice and recommendations on its use.

SP Cypionate reviews, opinions and facts

After reading the reviews about SP Cypionate, you will find out that this is a fairly powerful and at the same time long-acting steroid. So, its anabolic and androgenic activity is equal to 100% of testosterone, and its duration is half a month (an average of fifteen to sixteen days from the moment of injection), which avoids frequent use (usually injections are given once a week).

At the same time, as the instructions and reviews say, SP Cypionate 200 is not only a powerful, but also a drug with multiple positive effects. During its course, you can effectively increase the muscles and increase strength, improve the functioning of the joints, and strengthen the bones. In addition, this anabolic and androgen promotes a noticeable increase in appetite, which is incredibly useful for athletes who want to gain mass.

Also, reviews of the SP Cypionate steroid suggest that this drug, manufactured by SP Laboratories, boasts the most convenient concentration of the active substance, which allows avoiding dosing errors – 200 mg / ml. Plus, it allows you to save a lot, because even when using the maximum recommended dosage (500 mg per week), one barrel of it is enough for at least a month, which is a lot.

Price SP Cypionate, buy the drug quickly and reliably

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