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Clenbuterol SP Laboratories is a non-steroidal drug that has a wide range of sports applications due to its fat burning and anti-catabolic effect. Can be effectively used for weight loss and drying. For athletic purposes, even women are allowed to use it. It is used in short courses (on average up to 30-31 days), usually combined with other drugs such as ketotifen, thyroid hormones, growth hormone and anabolic and androgenic steroids.

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The drug, being a beta-2 agonist, binds to beta-2-adronoreceptors in muscle and adipose tissue, and exhibits a pronounced fat-burning effect. After connecting to the receptors, a chain of biochemical reactions is launched, leading to the release of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). In turn, cAMP is able to activate enzymes that mobilize fatty acids from adipose tissue cells.

The action of SP Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol hydrochloride), attributable to the beta-2-adrenergic receptors of the presynaptic membrane, is accompanied by an increased release of norepinephrine and adrenaline, which (in addition to their main properties) naturally have a powerful fat-burning effect. The level of metabolism increases (up to 20-30% of the initial level). Also, suppression of the activity of lipoprotein lipase is observed, due to which the subsequent deposition of fat in adipose tissue becomes almost impossible. And when exposed to beta-2-adrenergic receptors of the central nervous system (central nervous system), the release of thyroid hormones (thyroid hormones) is enhanced, which clearly contributes to fat burning processes.

The mechanism of action of SP Clenbuterol is also remarkable in that it develops not only a powerful fat burning, but also an anti-catabolic effect that protects muscles from destruction, which is highly valued during periods of weight loss and drying. The anticatabolic effect of the drug, presumably (according to studies), is due to inhibition of ubiquitin-proteasome and Ca2+ dependent proteolysis.

This is only a superficial look at the effect of the drug, because when taken, a moderate anabolic effect is also recorded (which is confirmed in studies and long-term practice of using clenbuterol in sports).

SP Clenbuterol (40 mcg/tab, 100 tab) is not the safest drug to use, but when recommended, side effects are rare or easily preventable. Contraindications to taking tablets are: hypersensitivity, intolerance to the active substance or components in the composition, thyrotoxicosis, tachyarrhythmia, acute period of myocardial infarction, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, prenatal period or pregnancy (during the first trimester).

Possible side effects of SP Clenbuterol include increased heart rate, trembling, sweating, increased anxiety and sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, stomach upsets including nausea, heartburn and diarrhea. It is important to note here that clenbuterol hydrochloride is originally a drug approved for human use (it is a bronchodilator drug prescribed for bronchial syndrome, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

How to take SP Clenbuterol?

Due to the pronounced fat-burning and anti-catabolic effects, the drug is relevant for taking not only in bodybuilding for drying and to consolidate the results, but also in almost any other sport that requires high physical fitness. It is used by courses on average from 2 to 4 weeks (half a month – a month). Longer is usually not taken, as immunity is developed and the likelihood of side effects increases.

Long-term use of SP Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride) is usually carried out in parallel with ketotifen. Ketotifen (Ketotifen-Ros, Ketotifen Sopharma and other brands) is an antiallergic agent with a unique feature – it restores the sensitivity of beta-2-adronoreceptors through which clenbuterol acts. With the help of this anti-allergen, it is possible to increase the level of metabolism in the region of 10%, which is appreciated when drying. It also helps to reduce mental arousal, facilitates the process of falling asleep and reduces the heartbeat, that is, it prevents many possible side effects of the drug.

The SP Clenbuterol course can also be effectively combined with thyroid hormones (thyroid hormones), also effective for weight loss, growth hormone or anabolic and androgenic steroids, such as stanozolol, methenolone, testosterone propionate, drostanolone and others used for cutting.

The average dosage of Clenbuterol SP Laboratories recommended for athletes is in the range of 20-120 mcg per day (respectively 0.5 tablets – 3 tablets per day).Usually, the drug is started with minimal doses (about 20 mcg) to determine the susceptibility of the organism, and then the dose is gradually increased to the optimal working one (up to 120 mcg), and by the end of the course, the dose is reduced until it is completely canceled. Such a regimen is popular, especially among novice athletes, because it allows you to determine the sensitivity to the active substance and smoothly exit the course.

Reviews Clenbuterol SP Laboratories
Clenbuterol, although initially a drug, is primarily known to athletes as an effective sports drug. The results in fat burning and weight loss often surpass even specialized sports fat burners, produced specifically for use by athletes.

Customer reviews of SP Clenbuterol are usually described positively and are ranked above most analogues. The manufacturer SP Laboratories for a long time has established itself as the most reliable, producing mainly working pharmacological products. Judging by the reviews, this drug is no exception. It gets an excellent reputation for the effects it provides.

At our Forum, you can study detailed reviews of Clenbuterol SP Laboratories by experienced athletes and specialists who have been working in the industry for several years as a sports doctor and bodybuilding coach. To leave your own opinion and ask questions on the Forum you will need to register, but it will not take more than a few minutes, especially if you connect using social networks.

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The drug is a fairly strong fat burner and, if the recommendations are followed, it can provide an athlete with quick and visible improvements (for a course lasting about 30 days). But only working pills of original origin, which are presented in our online store, are ways to guarantee the expected results to the athlete.

You can order Clenbuterol SP Laboratories here being sure that this is an original product and not a fake. We work exclusively with trusted suppliers (who in turn work directly with manufacturers), so there is no reason to worry about the origin of drugs.


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