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Jintropin 10 IU x 10 ampoules from GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co LTD

I would like to inform the visitors of our site that we have a good offer. So, which growth hormone is offered to buy? Our online store offers to purchase a growth hormone called "Jintropin", which is produced by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD. Packing: each pack contains 10 vials of 10 units of the active substance, together with solvents. How good is growth hormone? Jintropin, GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD has state registration, and is even sold in pharmacies of our vast country. This can only say that this drug meets all state standards and is of high quality. Unfortunately, with the appearance on the market of various cheap underground growth hormones, the issue of quality is very acute, so we took it out separately. Chromoanalysis of growth hormone Jintropin. The actual degree of purification is 97.5-98%. The Russian equipment of that time was not able to determine the purity of the drug so accurately. What can Jintropin be used for? Most athletes, of course, know that growth hormone is used both for weight gain, allowing you to achieve good gains, and during drying, and even for preventive purposes, for example, to improve skin, hair, nails, strengthen joints, general body condition. .. Further, I don’t want to develop an already well-known topic. Just see what can be achieved with just 1 course of growth hormone.


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