Balkan Pharmaceuticals Nandrolone D 200 mg/ml 1 ml




Deca from a Moldovan company (balkan pharmaceuticals)
Deca from the Balkans is available in ampoules, in one ampoule 200 mg nandrolone decanoate per 1 ml of substance.
Nandrolone Balkan is an injectable anabolic steroid drug that is not able to aromatize and has progestin activity when administered to the human body.
The active substance nandrolone, ether – long decanoate can be in the body for several months, earlier, about 20 years ago, deck could be freely bought in almost any pharmacy, and then it was called Retabolil.
Initially, the deck was created for use in medicine, for the treatment of severe injuries, bone marrow damage, with growth retardation, to assist in recovery from severe burns, with myelofibrosis, but then it found its application in sports, at that time in bodybuilding, and now in bodybuilding.
Deca from the Balkans is an excellent drug for those people who want to gain muscle mass faster, it is best to combine it with androgenic drugs and drugs that aromatize, so that such a side effect as deca-dik would not occur (due to the fact that the deck is not converted into estrogen, and a small amount of estrogen is important for the male body, and besides, deca suppresses the production of its own testosterone, so it is always advisable to combine it with drugs that aromatize).
Also, the excellent action of the deck from the Balkans is that it is able to fill the joints with water, which provides them with a kind of "lubrication of the joints", which means that during training there is less chance of injury, and people with sore joints feel better and the pain almost completely disappears . The effect of the soundboard of the Balkans
– Better absorption of nutrients
– Muscle mass grows much faster
– Accelerates protein synthesis
-Reduces recovery time between sets
-Increases stamina
-Improves blood supply to the muscles
-Increases appetite
-Increases power performance
-Fills joint bags with water
-Better filling of muscles with oxygen Deca balkans course
Courses with a deck from the Balkans can be built with any steroid drugs, the main thing is to keep reasonable dosages.
For the first course, we take 200 mg of deca from the Balkans 250 mg of testosterone enanthate per week, we do the course for 8 weeks, in such a first course you are guaranteed an increase of 5 kilograms and more, the main thing is to train and eat right.
For the second course, we will take 400mg of nandrolone decanoate from the Balkans, 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week, a course for eight weeks, you will perfectly add both strength and muscle mass.
For the third course, to 400mg of the deck from balkantestosterone enanthate 500mg per week, add 50mg of methandrostenolone per day, a course for 8-10 weeks, this will be a very effective androgenic – anabolic course, which will give large gains in the set of meat.
For the fourth course, we take 500 mg of deca from the Balkans per week 750 mg of sustanon per week 50 mg of methandrostenolone per day 500 mg of primobolan per week, on this course the mass will be of better quality, and primobolan will help get rid of large fluid retention in the body.
For the fifth course, we will take 500 mg of nandrolone from the Balkans per week 750 mg of sustanon per week 500 mg of boldenone per week 50 mg of stanozolol per day, this course will be for better gained muscle mass, stanozolol will increase strength results well and dry a little. It is very important to observe the exact dosages of drugs, therefore, before taking, you should read the detailed instructions on how to take stanozolol.
For the sixth most lethal course, you can take 600mg of deck from the Balkans per week 750mg of sustanon per week 100mg of anadrol every day 600mg of primobolan per week, on such a course you will be very much blown away in mass and strength will grow by leaps and bounds. Deca balkan side effects
Most often, side effects from the soundboard of the Balkans can occur at high dosages of the drug.
coarsening of the voice
Abdominal pain
Nausea, vomiting
Decreased testosterone production
Male pattern hair growth
Gynecomastia, female breast formations
Discharge from the nipples
Depression of the central nervous system
Respiratory failure


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