Balkan Pharmaceuticals Halotest 10 mg 20 tab




DESCRIPTION OF THE PREPARATION: Halotest 20 tab (Balkan) is a tableted steroid of the anabolic group, characterized by active androgenic and moderate anabolic activity. This drug from the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals is based on the active chemical substance Fluoxymesterone (Fluoxymesteron). The steroid is produced in a unique Balkan package of 100 tablets with an active ingredient content of 10 mg per tablet. This anabolic steroid has become very popular among powerlifters and weightlifters due to the fact that it affects the increase in strength, muscle density and aggression, without increasing the overall body weight. Thus, the athlete does not have the risk of an undesirable increase in the weight category. The drug is also popular among bodybuilders as a good tool in preparation for competitions, because thanks to it the muscles look more massive with a constant diameter. However, taking Halotest, one should not forget about its high toxicity to the liver. When using the drug for more than 4 weeks, a very strong negative effect on the liver is expected. The dose for taking Halotest should be calculated individually, taking into account the goals pursued by the athlete. So for bodybuilders, the recommended dosage of the drug is 20-30 mg daily, and for powerlifters this dosage increases to 40 mg. This drug of sports pharmacology is recommended to be taken in the morning and in the evening, dividing the tablet into two parts and drinking plenty of liquid. Halotest steroid can be taken with food. Athletes in the field of bodybuilding quite often add other steroids to the Halotest course. For example, the combination of Halotest 30 mg every day + Equipoise 700 mg every 2 days for 4 weeks will show a remarkable effect in the form of better and denser muscles. You can always buy this proven and effective sports pharmacology drug in our online store, which guarantees the originality of the product, optimal price and fast delivery. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at a temperature of 15-25°C, in a dry, dark place and out of the reach of children. EXPIRY DATE: 5 years. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the package. NAME AND ADDRESS of the manufacturer: SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL st. Gradescu, 4 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


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