SP Laboratories Trenbolone Enanthate 100 mg/ml 10 ml



SP Enanthate (Testosterone Enanthate) is an injectable oil-type steroid that stimulates the gradual release of the testosterone hormone. When using this steroid, the content of the hormone testosterone in the body increases up to two times already for the first time days and gradually increases within two weeks from the time of the injection. The main feature of SP Enanthate is that this drug, along with the strongest androgenic effect, also has anabolic properties. This feature of SP Enanthate provides an increase in physical strength, muscle mass and an increase in the ceiling of training loads in an extremely short time. So it is distinguished by good resistance to the accumulation of excess fluids in the body of an athlete, which in turn frees the athlete from the drying procedure. Probably precisely because of its characteristics, SP Enanthate is the most common testosterone, both among athletes and among simple lovers of hard physical training.

SP Enanthate belongs to the group of virtually harmless drugs, therefore this substance, if not abused, does not cause physical or mental abnormalities. Of course, there are side effects – this is excessive sweating and frequent hunger and itching at the injection site, and some others, but these effects are also characteristic of other testosterone-containing drugs and are not classified as hazardous to health.

Most often, SP Enanthate is used by athletes in their courses for the rapid growth of muscle mass. On average 10 kg. for one course. And huge strength, you can increase your strength indicators by 25% for one good course on SP enanthate.To avoid aromatization and gynecomastia on the course of enanthate, you need to take Proviron. This drug will help smooth out all the negative effects and side effects of SP enanthate.

The course of taking SP enanthate is enough to carry out for 6 weeks in a row. During this time, you will be able to get the best possible result from this steroid. The average dosage of testosterone should be 1-2 ampoules per week. This strong androgenic steroid is ideal for experienced athletes. Young and novice athletes should start their testosterone experience with propionate.

SP Enanthate course for mass:

1. Course SP Enanthate + naposim + nandrolone decanoate.
2. Course SP Enanthate + turinabol + trenbolone enanthate.
3. Course SP Enanthate + danabol + deca durabolin.

SP Enanthate is ideal for a course of steroids with dianabol and nandrolone decanoate. On such a course, you can gain an average of 10 kg of body musculature and greatly increase your strength. For an easier and better course, this androgen can be administered with oral stanozolol and injectable boldenone. At the end of the course of SP Enanthate, we advise you to always drink Clomid to quickly restore your body after taking steroids.


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